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 Successfully Negotiated Transactions with the Following Lenders

Option A: Refinance, Refinance, Refinance
Most customers that contact Foreclosure Alternatives are attempting a loan modification. This approach, on the surface, can appear to be the best course for the homeower. However, most lenders take advantage of the distressed homeowner by using "Shell Game" techniques that include attaching the current payoff amount on the end of a new loan that adds another 30-40 years on your current loan. The homeowner ultimately pays 2-4 times the value of their home to thier lender if the homeowner is able to abide by the new loan terms. 

If you desire to keep your home, We can help REFINANCE YOU OUT of your current loan with a NEW LENDER or provide a Short-Term Loan to help you reinstate your current loan and avoid loan modification. Your credit does not matter. We only require proof of ability to repay.

Option B: Temporarily Stop Foreclosure
If your intention is to keep your home AND you are within 3-5 weeks of your foreclosure date, we can assist you with stopping your foreclosure. Once the foreclosure has been stopped, we can assist you with a variety of solutions.

Your available options include, but are not limited to:
1) Refinancing your current loan with a new lender;
2) Reinstating or paying the amount of payments and fees in arrears on your current loan; and/or
3) Preparing your house for sale if your house is "Upside-Down" or has Negative Equity.

Option C: Loan Modification Assistance
If you are seeking a loan modification under favorable terms, we can assist you with completing the paperwork CORRECTLY for a fee of $350. The fee includes contacting your lender on your behalf to correct any deficiencies in a timely manner. We will also use proven techniques to have your house removed from the foreclosure list during the loan modification process.

We cannot guarantee that your lender will approve your loan modification package because each lender requires different criteria for approval, however, we will assure that your package is completed correctly, in its entirety, and that the lender will receive all of the required documentation in one package and not piecemeal, which is the #1 Reason for Loan Modification denial. 
Option D: Presenting Your Property for Sale
If none of the previous options are available, your "Best and Smartest" choice is to recoup as much of the equity in your house as possible. This involves listing your house with our partner brokerages.  

We also understand that current market conditions may not be favorable for a quick sale of YOUR property or that you may have contacted Foreclosure Alternatives late in the foreclosure process.  We have you covered!
Foreclosure Alternatives has cash buyers and investors that will make you an offer on your property. The offer will more than likely not be as high as a Market offer, but you can still sell your property, avoid foreclosure, and possibly recoup some of the equity. 

Credit Restoration

One of the casualties of going through a foreclosure is the negative impact that a foreclosure has on your credit. Late Payments decrease your credit score considerably. In addition to the negative impact of the late payments, your ability to secure additional lines of credit or negotiate lower interest rates on credit cards and loan greatly diminish.
We can help you repair your credit while stopping your foreclosure. The credit repair process is simple and you can even help others that you know repair their credit while earning you extra income. 

Lastly, we can help repair your credit regardless if you are going through a Foreclosure.